I believe we are all different, we all have our own real style. Book a style session today and get on with living your life, your way. Viva means life!

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_MG_0733Above is a picture of my Accessory wall. I added hooks so that every item is visible. I love looking in my wardrobe.

Recently we renovated our master bedroom, which gave me the opportunity to refit the shelving.

I used an awesome changeable system called ELFA, which I was able to install myself.

( Hubby helped me with the drilling) But I did the rest.

14479782_1451317001549259_2747523666453478738_nI am jeans girl,I like to feel comfortable and my life is very casual, I try to always have a classic pair and on-trend pair in my wardrobe.

Inspired -I love large neckpieces #WA #styling


Statement jewellery will draw attention up to your face and can distract from any flaws.

Be organised, having your favourite accessories in clear view means that you will actually want to wear them.


Wear your favourite clothing, you’ll feel authentic and you’ll look great. That should reveal your true personality.


Wearing your personal colours is a great way to look up to date. You never look odd if the colours you are wearing suit your skin tone. A statement piece like a coat, in your signature colour is a great investment.


Try updating your hairstyle at least every five years. Your hair stylist will know the latest styles, colours and what suits your face shape.




I believe in comfort in style. Find clothing that fits, feels comfortable and reflects your personal style.Wearing clothing that suits your body shape and showcases your personality. Always remember to dress appropriately for the occasion. Still not sure? Contact me.



Jill said; I really enjoyed the Wardrobe Sort and Style session and feel much more confident in wearing my clothes as I was starting to lack confidence in my fashion choices.

Now I feel I have a direction and self-assurance when I go shopping. I am now wearing pieces in my wardrobe that had been sitting there untouched.