I am a personal stylist for real people. I live in Perth, I love beautiful things. I enjoy helping people enhance their own personal style to bring out their best features.

I often receive compliments on my style and requests for style advice from people other than my family and friends, this influenced my decision to re-style my career and become a real personal stylist. My opinion is that being stylish is a skill that can be learnt and that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve it. I will help you discover your own real life style. Using your everyday wardrobe I can show you how to dress to enhance your body shape in your own clothes.

14479782_1451317001549259_2747523666453478738_n Julie said: My husband organised a Style Session for me with Steph for Christmas. What a great present! Steph’s insight into my style and where I  needed to work within my comfort zone and where I could add other options was so practical and easy to follow. She made it so simple. I still have a  smile on my face when I open my cupboard. I have already recommended her to friends and am looking forward to my new functioning wardrobe.  Thanks Steph

The first step is to find out your signature colours, once you know your personal colours you will look and feel amazing every-time you get dressed. Click here for colours

Maybe you need help sorting your wardrobe, identify which pieces in your wardrobe best suit your body shape & why most women are not wearing up to 80 percent of the wardrobe. Often people already have everything they need in their wardrobe; they just need some help to know how to put it all together. You will be trying on your current pieces to create new outfits and working together. Click her for wardrobe sort.

A style session is the quickest and easiest way to try personal styling. Starting at $130 for an hour and half. Learn about your body shape and what works for you. Click her for Style session prices


I believe we are all different, we all have our own real style. Book a style session today and get on with living your life, your way. Viva means life!